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Great day BlogOn Conference UK today xxx I am feeling so inspired xx Love Love love my job and my blogging buddies xxx

Lots more blogs and reviews coming your way people

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George is a bath lover but a hair washing hater... He hates water on his head and always cries at bath time... so with our family holiday looming I decided now is the time to get him to some lessons. He attended his first swimming lesson this morning with Puddle Ducks.... blog will be posted shortly xx Thank you Puddle Ducks, see you next week x #puddleduckswestlancs #swimminglessons #swimming #littlekickers #fun #playtime #routine #water #swimmingpool #mybump2baby #mummybloggersuk #instamum #mumlife

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This is me with my last takeaway mid week.... now I know, i know... I always say this but tonight I got my nutrition plan through from the highly talented and highly qualified Nick.
Nick has designed a plan specifically for me and he says if I stick to it I will not only lose fat but I will be healthier too.
I will update you all with a blog on this in a couple of days .... Check out Nick's amazing website

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Are you heading to Tenerife anytime soon, check out my review on the wonderful Loro Parque

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My intention this Friday night was NOT to be sat here writing this believe you me. This week hasn't been easy, to be totally truthful it's been utterly horrendous. Launching an app is the most stressful thing I have ever done and I have literally been sat in the house all week replying to emails, queries and keeping up with everything.
I literally have left the house for about an hour all week, my self esteem was so low and I was in desperate need of some company and adult chat.
So today my mother being the angel she is, forced me out the house and made me come for lunch with George. I was so excited. We headed to our local Wetherspoons and George was getting a little excited with his crayons and yelled out a couple of times, after I calmed him down with a book he was absolutely fine. Two old men heard George and began shouting in front of everyone "shut him up... he is bursting our ear drums" now I wouldn't mind but I looked at my watch at it was 3:57pm, everyone was staring at me and I was so embarrassed. I sat with my head down with my mum for a minute but then I thought about it and I suddenly became so disappointed that two men had publicly embarrassed me because my son screamed twice. I decided to speak to them.. I walked over and said "i am really sorry if we upset you earlier" he swiftly replied "yes you did, my ear drums nearly burst" I politely advised them "perhaps if you want to avoid this situation in the future maybe you should pick another pub to drink in as Wetherspoons is a family pub" they replied "learn to control your child"
Something I have learnt is that you can never control your child's mood and temper. What upset me more than anything is that some mum's out there would be put off going for lunch because of ignorant people like this .... As I walked away from the two ignorant men people in Wetherspoons cheered... it was clear to see they were a little embarrassed about the way they behaved... Never disrespect me, my son or other mummys out there.... arseholes!!!!!!! #myboyandme #desrespect #wetherspoons #lunch #anxiety #lonely #mumlife #mummyblogger #rude #angry #why #mybump2baby #workhard #playtime #workfromhome #love #boy #son

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My New Blog Post " My Autumn/Winter Bedding Haul"

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This little face.... This little face just melts my heart sometimes. I am currently going through the "love being a mum" phase with George. At 17 months old I actually don't think I have enjoyed being a mum as much as I am at the moment. Sure he gets on my nerves and yes he makes me want to scream the F word a lot... but this little man makes me laugh so much I almost wee... his cheeky personality and caring ways make me so proud of him already #myboy #mygreatestaccomplishment #funny #love #mumandson #unbreakablebond #happiness #mummyblogger #mybump2baby #family #my2boys #inlove #funtimesahead #luckytobeyourmummy #soppy #17months

A Mother Without a Child

Read and watch Melissa's video about SEPSIS. It is so important that we raise awareness about her sons story..

Fkn Sarcasm

Definately after this weekend

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George loves saying "dada" so much lately and it is so lovely to see when he is saying it so excitedly to his daddy - melts my heart it does
... What isn't so heartwarming is when he is shouting it to every Tom, Dick and Harry whilst me and him are out and about....Not only do I get some filthy looks off the ladies but it makes me look like a right slut .. weirdly makes me feel like one too #instamum #mumsofinsta #mummyblogger #mybump2baby #daddy #dada #firstword #hesnotyourdad #yourdadsatwork #sorry #idontknowwhatheistalkingabout #honest

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Bloody hell I thought these converse were a right bargain.... I thought it was about time I treated myself... I was so excited.
Opened the door to the delivery man.. smiling away..then he handed me a very small parcel... Size 5 bloody kids!!!! #mummyblogger #instamum #mumsofinsta #pblogger #converse #feet #sad #mummylife #treat #kids

This is so me.... any other mums out there feeling the same? Where does it end??? I just want pizzaaaaaaa

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So the last few days I have been experiencing some early pregnancy systems... from dizziness, severe meat aversions.... to sickness.... I initially didn't think I was pregnant until I saw one of my best friends at the gym... by the time i left the gym I was thinking of baby names... wondering how i will cope if it's triplets.... I am not ready to be a mum of one child let alone four.... But after a 瞿5.99 pregnancy test... a panic about the house being too small to house 4 kids... and a birth plan... I am not pregnant xx #pregnancy #baby #mummyblogger #mumsofinsta #morningsickness #meataversion #motherofone #notreadyfor2 #triplets #clearblue

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Thinking of getting pregnant again after a c-section?

Family days. Tried & tested.

Mmm I don't know about you... but bed is the one place I go to get away from my child thanks but no thanks x

St John Ambulance

So very important xx A friend of mine had a scare this evening... would you know what to do if your child was choking?

Photos de la publication de MyBump2Baby - Baby and Toddler Directory

*** SALE ***
To celebrate MyBump2Baby's app launch, we are offering half price featured listings for businesses at a fantastic price of 瞿24.99 per year.

A featured listing includes the following;

- Appears above all standard listings on search results
- You can add your logo and up to 2 pictures
- You can add your Facebook, Twitter and website links

Look... I know it seems a little early to be talking about Christmas but I can't help it... I am just so excited to tell you all about "The Snowman Tour" this year.

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Top First Aid Tips for Insect Bites First Aid for Life

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Today I was teaching George what numbers go where... seems easy enough doesn't it?? I thought so too and as a qualified accountant I wanted to show George that numbers are fun and also very clever.... Did I say numbers were fun? NOT F*CKING TODAY THEY WEREN'T .... You see... no one was there when I was telling George how we put the numbers in their rightful positions... no one was there to tell me that number 6 wasn't number 6 and was in fact number 9... 23 minutes I spent trying to squeeze the number 9 in to number 6 hole 23 MINUTESSSS ... 23 MINUTES I WILL NEVER GET BACK.... #thick #mummybrain #mummylife #mummyblogger #mybump2baby #teach #play #fun #frustration #love #accountant #qualified #imstupid #numbers

J'adore Mama - The Maternity & Infant Centre

After my latest blog post about anxiety I am really excited to introduce this new Parent's Support Group to Lytham St Anne's xx

Thank you J'adore Mama - The Maternity & Infant Centre for recognising this need in our area.

Stick together and remember to speak out if you are struggling because chances are.. someone you know is too xxx

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Good Housekeeping

Story of my life

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Our app is very nearly ready wahoooo. Do you run or know someone who runs a Baby/Toddler/pre-school or parent related class group or business? If so then please feel free to advertise on our website and app completely free of charge by visiting

We also have 7 adverts available per town which will gain maximum visability on any searches carried out within your area, Your advert will appear on all directory listings or event's on in your town. if you would like to discuss your options and packages available then please contact me directly

Puddle Ducks West Lancs

For your pregnant friends xxx


Some great ideas xxx

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On Mybump2baby we have some fantastic classes and groups on our app directory up and down the UK. We love hearing about charity and fund raising events. This week has been Water Babies sponsored splashathon.

Around 1000 little Water Babies are taking part in a sponsored Splashathon to raise money for Tommy's, a charity who specialise in research into the causes of miscarriage, still birth and premature birth. It's a sad fact that as many as 1 in 4 families will be affected by these issues. This charity is especially close to my heart as George was born 7 weeks early.

Our Water Babies will be doing a 'splashy width' of the pool dressed as pirates throughout our 143 classes across Tees Valley and North York Moors in the hope of raising as much money as we can towards our national target of 瞿1 million - the equivalent of each client raising just 瞿24 each.

Water Babies Tees Valley owner Pamela Hargreaves said:

'We are delighted to be doing our bit to raise money for such a worthy cause in the hope that fewer families have to go through the heartache that losing a child causes.

We've been totally overwhelmed with the effort our clients have gone to, it's been absolutely fantastic. Our babies have been walking the plank, chasing inflatable crocodiles, catching pirate rubber ducks - it's been such good fun'

Water Babies Tees Valley & North York Moors

Constance Hall

Amazing another amazing and truthful post from the amazing Constance Hall

J'adore Mama - The Maternity & Infant Centre

For all mums in Lytham St Anne's... how lucky are we? Xx

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When I saw that Emma Kinsey Psychic Medium was now offering telephone readings I knew I had to have one, I had heard nothing but positive reviews from people who had readings with Emma and I had been wanting one for quite some time but having a baby and working meant that I had very little time but a 20 minute telephone reading sounded right up my street and I booked a time that was suitable for me and my hectic life.

As soon as we spoke I felt completely at ease. I couldn't believe how precise and spot on Emma was with pretty much every part of my reading. I have had readings before and have been left feeling a little disappointed but not with Emma, Emma knew things about me that I hadn't ever discussed with anyone, I had messages from loved ones with things only they would know and above everything else I finished the reading feeling completely at ease with every aspect of my life at the moment.. As a mother with my own business I sometimes wonder if I should have stayed in my old job and played it safe as I often feel guilty for not giving George 100% of my attention even when I am meant to be on a day off but thanks to Emma I now feel I am definately doing the right thing for me and my family at the moment.
I would strongly recommend Emma to anyone. If you are thinking of having a reading then go for it... she is absolutely amazing!!!! 10 out of 10 xxx #physcic #medium #spiritual #reading #tarotcards #love #amazing #emmakinsey #mummyblogger #mybump2baby #instamum #fun #lovedones

Emma's Diary

One for all our sleep deprived mama's out there

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You know you need to calm down on the maccys when ketchup is not on your first chin ... nor your second... but your third... STOP COUNTING xx #quadchin #mumsofinsta #maccys #fastfood #thirdchin #couchsunday #lazy #selfie #realselfie #nofilterneeded #mybump2baby

Puddle Ducks West Lancs

Thinking of taking your little one swimming... check out this fantastic offer from Puddle Ducks.. xxx

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Today I attended my first Clubbercise class at the St Annes YMCA Official in my hometown. I booked George in at Harry's the YMCA's fabulous creche and play area.. it cost me 瞿2.50... I got to work out and he played... He absolutely loved it and the girls were great with him. I got a free coffee afterwards and he got some toast and some juice which is all included in the price when you are a YMCA member... I have booked in again tomorrow morning... bloody awesome service ... only trouble now is I have absolutely no excuse for being a totally unfit, lazy ass mother #health #fitness #ymca #lythamstannes #mybump2baby #mummylife #mummyblogger #healthandwellbeing #mumsofinsta #clubbercise #cr癡che #fun #playarea #happymummy #happybaby

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Today I re-joined my local gym for probably the 432nd time. I often join get obsessed for a week or two then weigh myself... then cry then put my head in a chippy then I cancel my direct debit.. it's like a vicious circle, I have done the same thing time and time again since I was 16.. But this time is different.. I won't be defeated... definately not this time... this time I am going to stick to it and remind myself regularly just how good it is for my mental health, it is so easy for me to feel down as a mum... I wasn't born to JUST be a mother which is where I struggle. I struggle with mummy guilt mainly cause I just want a frigging minute to myself instead of a child hanging out of my pants... whinging and screaming around me... but at the same time I feel like I want to be the best mum in the world ... it's a funny kind of thing is motherhood #gym #motherhood #health #mummyblogger #love #instamum #mybump2baby #mumlife

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Well today George and I visited the amazing J'adore Mama - The Maternity & Infant Centre located just next to the YMCA in Lytham. What a fantastic one stop shop for all parents and children.. From bra measurements to a baby sensory room...

I encourage anyone from the fylde who is either pregnant or already a mother to visit this wonderful place.

Well done to all the girls at J'adore Mama xx What a fabulous job you have done xxx

Check out the Facebook page to see the timetable for upcoming classes and drop ins xxxx

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