Please tell me this happens to you too?? - MyBump2Baby

Oh please tell me this happens to you too?

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Woooo check this out xx

So as we near the end of our lovely holiday I wanted to sum holidaying with our toddler in one simple snap .....

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When I first came to the wonderful @grandpalladiumrivieramaya I would go as far to say I was in the best shape I had ever been thanks to the amazing @nutritionknocker.
I was literally sailing down this slide quicker than a rollercoaster and today,on day 12 of the holiday - I got stuck... my thighs are chaffing, my stomach rolls are extremely prominent and my 4 chins are actually sweating inbetween each other.
I certainly have made the most of the all inclusive cocktails, pizza, bread etc - I wouldn't have it any other way #holidays #food #family #rolls #4chins #eat #food #yum #8mealsaday #carbs #mummyblogger #mumsofinsta #instamum #britmum #mumlife #wintersun #mexico #grandpalladium #sun #beach #sea #fun

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Couldn't agree more 😂😂😂

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I am in the Spa of all amazing husband treated me to a spa and a massage at our amazing hotel @grandpalladiumrivieramaya.
So here I am on my own without a husband getting restless and without my 20 month year old child just generally being a shite... The first 15 minutes were heavenly as I bounced from one room to the next it was bliss... absolute bliss.... now I have 45 minutes left before my massage and all i can think about are Cheetos. All I need to complete this heavenly experience is a massive bag of cheetos and someone shovelling them in to my mouth for me... if only spas had a cheetos room? Anyone heard of anywhere that offers such service? #cheetos #amazing #spa #mybump2baby #grandpalladium #mexico #rivieramaya #childfree #poofree #freedom #luckywife #massage #instamum #mumsofinsta #cheetos #hungry #heaven #love #mumblogger #life #familyholidays #2018 #grandpaladiumrivieramaya #beautiful #peace #harmony #tranquility

Liverpool - Women in Business Awards 2018 - Votes

I have been lucky enough to be nominated for the "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" award this year. Obviously the competition is huge and I would love your vote.
In only one year MyBump2Baby has launched and developed the UK's fastest baby, toddler and family directory including a range of different features from honest blogs, helpful articles, the review section, the recipe section and we have launched our free app.
I would be eternally grateful if you could take 2 mins to vote for me. ❤❤

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So this morning we decided to get on a pedalo together.... we wanted to do that "thing"... you know that "thing" you do on holiday called "creating wonderful family memories" ... and it turns out the idea was better than reality.. Try pedaling through the clear Mexican sea, the wind breeze blowing through your hair then hearing the deafening sound of defeat as you are witness to the biggest exploding poo you have ever seen. Your stuck in the middle of the sea with no nappies or wipes. George was passed backwards and forwards between my husband and I like a hot potato... as we took turns to pedal back to safety. There were screams, tears and tantrums but mainly from me. We slowly but steadily made it back to shore safely... covered in shite nonetheless but we made it.... this picture is me enjoying a cocktail after I cleaned myself and trying to erase the family memory from my mind #poo #memories sun #holidays #wintersun #mexico #rivieramaya #grandpalladium #mumblogger #instamum #britmums #mumsofinsta #mybump2baby #pedalo #love #boy #20months #sea #sand #cocktails #beach #tui

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We chose to take our family holiday in January this year and we have headed to the amazing Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa Some people asked if we were crazy taking George on a 10 hour flight? I did question it myself on more than one occasion... yes of course I was extremely nervous and it was a little difficult at times on the flight, what with his high pitched screech and his love for running around but i have to say this hotel makes up for the difficulties on the way here with an amazing baby club, play areas and constant entertainment for all the family. My review will follow shortly on both the app and website ... #familyholidays #2018 #love #life #laughter

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Yummy.... my favourite Chicken salad recipe

Starting your own business in the New Year? Here is why Social Media is absolutely necessary!!

Mums advice.

😂😂😂 Drinking Game for Parents...

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😂😂😂😂 Has this happened to you?

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😂😂😂 guiltyyyy

Why a Social Media Presence is Absolutely Necessary... - MyBump2Baby

Starting your own business in the New Year? Here is why Social Media is absolutely necessary!!


If you live in the Blackpool or Preston area and need an Electrician contact this great company xx

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Anyone out drinking tonight? Remember this at around 2am 😂😂😂

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At MyBump2Baby we have the pleasure of working with so many amazing companies.

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BBC Family & Education News

I remember only 4 years ago we took my friend for tea for her baby shower, they seem to be getting bigger and better than ever before. Check out this video from BBC Radio 5 live :) It looks more like a wedding :) xxxx

My Holiday Checklist - MyBump2Baby

In between running around the shops like a crazy woman, I am also packing for our family holiday!!! HELP ME.

If you are going away over the Christmas period use my list to help you :)

Why a Social Media Presence is Absolutely Necessary... - MyBump2Baby

Starting your own business in the New Year? Here is why Social Media is absolutely necessary!!

I Love Being a Mom

This is honestly why I never get anything done... 😂😂😂Xx

The Beautiful Things

Wow this looks incredible xxx

Daisy First Aid Christmas - Daisy First Aid

Some simple Christmas Tips written by the wonderful Daisy First Aid Tunbridge Wells & Sevenoaks to help you keep your family safe this Christmas xxxx

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Liverpool - Women in Business Awards 2018 - Votes


I have been nominated for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Women in Business awards 2018... I don't know if I am more thrilled to be called young or for the nomination but thank you to whoever it was that was kind enough to nominate me - much appreciated!!

I would be so thrilled if any of you guys could take the time to vote for me :) It literally takes two seconds - I know ... because I have just voted for myself!! haha!!

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Took my son to the nearest play area thinking it will be full of people who made no effort like me but no no... it's like a Saturday night on the town!!! The girls are like supermodels & I'm just sat here trying to descretely stick my baby hair down with spit!!! Are play areas the new Tinder? #playarea #tinder #babyhair #foff #mybump2baby #mumblogger #rough #greasyhair #moreeffortneeded #spit #supermodels #dating #instamum #britmum #mumsofinsta #boy #fun #weekend #dayoff

James Andrew Prams & Nurseries Blackpool

Who doesn't love a sale? Xx

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Oh no... The dreaded C word... Colic... here are some home remedies :)

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mmmm My Favourite Fish Pie .. perfect for a weaning baby :)

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