Daisy First Aid Christmas - Daisy First Aid

A very important blog from Daisy First Aid on keeping safe at Christmas time :)

Daisy First Aid advertise their useful classes on our MyBump2Baby directory, Make getting to a First Aid class your New Years Resolution - It could save a life!

Daisy First Aid Daisy First Aid Redhill & Guildford Daisy First Aid North Manchester Daisy First Aid Wigan Daisy First Aid Lancaster Daisy First Aid Widnes & South Liverpool Daisy First Aid Dorchester, Purbeck and Weymouth Daisy First Aid Carlisle, The Lakes, SW Scotland and W Northumberland Daisy First Aid Leigh, Tyldesley, Worsley & Irlam Daisy First Aid Northumberland Daisy First Aid Horsham, Haywards Heath & Burgess Hill Daisy First Aid Northampton, Daventry & Towcester Daisy First Aid Newcastle & S.Northumberland Daisy First Aid Northampton, Daventry & Towcester Daisy First Aid North & South Essex


Bounty Club

Story of my life this Christmas....

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I am sure you will agree that it is extremely stressful shopping in December... let alone with a child. Today I was trying to find something to wear for over the Christmas period and nipped in to Miss Selfridge in Blackpool...personally I never normally go in to Miss Selfridge.. not for any particular reason, l suppose I just stay in the Houndshill Shopping Centre out of pure laziness... but today I visited Miss Selfridge and I had to write this post as I felt that the staff were amazing!!! They were so friendly, helpful and polite. I have never been treated so well in a shop as I was treated today. They spent time entertaining my son, they offered him chocolates and helped me get the perfect outfit together for Christmas. Miss Selfridge will now be my first port of call when I am looking for some new items xxx thank you Miss Selfridge Blackpool xx #missselfridge #highstreet #shopping #christmas #fashion #happy #customerservice #mumblogger #instamum #mumsofinsta #shop #blackpool #missselfridge #lovely #girls #customers #staff

BBC Radio 5 Live - #mumtakeover - MyBump2Baby

My blog post about #mumtakeover and what a fabulous day it was 😍😍
https://www.mybump2baby.com/bbc-radio-5-live-mumtakeover/ Rochelle Humes BBC BBC Radio 5 live Giovanna Fletcher Neev Spencer DJ & Presenter

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Last night I attended a first aid course held by the fantastic Mini First Aid in Lytham St Annes courtesy of @minifirstaidlancashire.

Here at MyBump2Baby we work extremely closely with the wonderful franchise Mini First Aid, so it was great for me to finally attend a course and see exactly what they do and how it all works.

I couldn't actually believe how much I didn't know 🙈 The 2 hour course covered everything from what you should have in your first aid kit to what to do if your child is choking, needed resuscitation and even tips on how to spot signs of meningitis. I now feel extremely confident that I could potentially save my son's life if I needed to, could you say the same?

The course was in the evening which is great for busy mums... I also enjoyed the peace and quiet after the course whilst I sat in my car in silence, closed my eyes and listened to music - it was bliss.

Brilliant night, thank you Mini First Aid, a pleasure to work with such a fantastic and professional company.

****The price of this course is only £20 and it could save your babies life, why wouldn't you book on? ****

Find your local First Aid provider by visiting http://www.mybump2baby.com

Mini First Aid are also listed within our popular MyBump2Baby directory and free app for parents.

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Absolutely love my new "MyBump2Baby" mug. As a mum of a hyperactive 18 month year old monster, a mug of coffee is an absolute God send and helps get me through each day.

Prices start from as little as £3 from the wonderful @lythammugs

Why not add get this little stocking filler for the Best Mum, Best Dad, Best Grandad, Best Granny this Christmas 🌲🎅💑❤


Shepherds Pie - MyBump2Baby

Doesn't this weather just make you want to curl up in front of the fire with a delicious Shepherds Pie?

Here is my favourite Shepherds Pie recipe


A day in the office today... Blogging, telephone calls and conferences... ooooo shiny object!!!! Any one else have the shiny object syndrome? Any tips on not getting distracted?
Procrastination is definately something I need to work on in the New Year


Excellent idea x 😂😂😂😂

Easy Lamb Rogan Josh Recipe - MyBump2Baby

My Easy Lamb Rogan Josh Recipe.... Deeeelicious!!!


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This is me on my birthday.... I am a 31 year old mum. My husband took me away for the night to Harrogate... he asked me how I wanted to spend my evening...and here I am.
It is 10:05pm and I am currently listening to the kettle boiling ready for my 2nd cup of tea.
Do I want to be out? No! Do I want to be slut dropping? Surprisingly No!
Does this mean I am old or does this mean I am just content with my life as it is? I think it means I'm content... a year ago I would have called myself a boring bitch but this year I don't give a shit... This is now my version of fun ... cup of tea in bed...a swallow of contraception... bit of nookie.. and an early night .... bliss xxx #contraception #bliss #birthday #happybirthday #31 #old #mummyblogger #tea #harrogate #nightin #sex #dance #content #happiness #love #life #real #nookie #mumstakeover #mumlife #instamum #mumsofinsta

Delicious Easy Chicken Pie Recipe - MyBump2Baby

Who doesn't love Chicken pie in winter? Xheck out my favourite chicken pie recipe.


Sleepless Nights During Pregnancy - MyBump2Baby

Sleepless nights during pregnancy are just the worst...

Easy Homemade Pizza Recipe - MyBump2Baby

Putting the tree up this weekend? Try my tasty homemade Pizza recipe :)


Mooky Doolittle Pantomime 2017 at Blackpool Circus Review - MyBump2Baby

Everyone loves A Panto at Christmas, here is my review of the Mooky Doolittle Pantomime in Blackpool. http://ow.ly/Y9WD30gVbXr

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What a fabulous day today at #mumtakeover for BBC Radio 5 live. Met lovely people and listened to so many brave, inspirational stories. I even appeared on live on BBC 5 live and BBC news.

Overall a successful and great day for MyBump2Baby ... Man I love my job and I love helping people. 💙💖

Thank you Rochelle Humes Stacey Solomon Giovanna Fletcher and all the other awesome ladies.

#lovemyjob #mybump2baby #mumtakeover #mummyblogger #mumpreneur #mentalhealthawareness #talk

BBC Radio 5 live

Attended the awesome #mumtakeover today at Blackpool tower. I got to talk about my experiences with postnatal depression for bbc 5 live (around 36mins in)

If you couldn't make it today watch this fabulous video about real mum struggles and worries and never be afraid to speak out.


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#mumtakeover day has arrived!!!! #mumtakeover is where mum's come together and talk about postnatal depression, anxiety, loneliness and worklife balance.
These are all things that I, as a mum have found extremely difficult to deal with and I for one strongly feel that by talking about these things not only raises awareness and helps other people to speak out but it also makes us mums see that we are not alone and it's ok not to be ok.
Read my blog on postnatal depression and anxiety https://www.mybump2baby.com/difficult-post-write/
#mumtakeover #instamums #blackpooltower #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mumlife #mumsifinstagram #instamum #chat #love #postnataldepression #worklifebalance #anxiety #mummyblogger #mybump2baby

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We had a fabulous afternoon at Blackpool Tower Circus watching the wonderful "Mooky Doolittle Panto".
It is funny, musical, breathtaking and jaw dropping in parts. I would highly recommend this panto to anyone wanting a fun day out with the family.
My full review on the " Mooky Doolittle Panto" will be live on the MyBump2Baby app and website in the next few days #circus #family #fun #lovemyjob #blackpooltower #panto #daysoutwithtoddlers #daysoutwithkids #mybump2baby #dayout #familyfun #mummyblogger #mumsofinsta #instamum #love #blackpool

Wow... What a lucky lady I am xxx My boys, my absolute world 🌲🎅 ❤❤ Have you put your tree up yet? #bestchristmas #excited #myloves #christmas2017

The Snowman Tour


Open to anyone who purchases tickets between now and 5 December and the winner will have the value of their tickets refunded, up to a maximum value of £80.


Daisy First Aid

Franchise opportunity Daisy First Aid xxx

The Snowman Tour - MyBump2Baby

The Snowman Tour is coming to a town near you


The Snowman Tour - MyBump2Baby

The Snowman Tour is coming to a town near you


Top 10 | Reasons To Celebrate Being Pregnant Over Christmas - Raising the Rings

Read my guest post for my lovely blogging pal Raising The Rings.
My 10 Reasons to Celebrate Being Pregnant this Christmas

Tag your pregnant friends to cheer them up as we enter this festive period 🎅🌲

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Today is World Prematurity Day.
Lots of babies are born early for one reason or another and we must remember how difficult it can be for parents watching their babies through glass day in and day out.
George couldn't breathe on his own at first, his capiliries in his lungs hadn't finished developing. George was attached to a machine which covered his whole face, sometimes the machine would make a alerting noise and I would hold my breath and squeeze my eyes together until the nurses reassured me he was ok.
I was finally allowed home after a week but sadly without my boy, no night feeds, no cuddles, no friends coming to visit. Looking at his empty nursery broke my heart every single day but here we 18 months on and he is a little monster. The neo-natal nurses who looked after George will always be my heroes and I will continue to support Bliss and Tommys until my dying day. #worldprematurityday #neonatal #wpd #love #myboy #18months #7weeksearly #fighter #lovehim #baby #newborn #premature #placentaprevia #support #mumsifinstagram #instamum #parents #hardtime

The Snowman Tour - MyBump2Baby

The Snowman Tour is coming to a town near you


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When I created MyBump2Baby I wanted to to be a place where parents can come, read honest reviews and select the best classes, groups and businesses for themselves and their family.
In our quest to be the "Trip Advisor" of the Baby, Toddler and Family world, I am please to announce that hundreds of businesses are now proudly displaying their review badge on their website which automatically updates with honest reviews from the MyBump2Baby community.
The aim of the badge is to show that they are real reputable businesses.
Look out for this badge when selecting a family group or business and let MyBump2Baby help you spend your hard earned money on the right businesses for you and your family.

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